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Visit the Metaaldagen: smart solutions from every angle!

De Brabantse Metaaldagen are a new and versatile event where you can pick up everything you need to know to get to the next level for your business. After all, the metal industry keeps moving forward and is in constant need of valuable insights about process optimization and production improvement in order to get to a fully Smart Industry. This will be the one theme that all focus is on during De Brabantse Metaaldagen.

De Brabantse Metaaldagen is a unique event, both in terms of organization and subject matter. Every single type of company and each smart solution that adds to the main theme will be discussed. This means that not only the physical aspects of the metal industry, like machines and materials will be subject of conversation, but the processes in particular will receive much attention.

Visit the Metaaldagen: smart solutions from every angle!

An example of companies present at the fair includes Isah Business Software, which offers tangible solutions for process optimization. You can also expect to hear Dr. Biba Visnjicki, who works for the well-renowned Fraunhofer Institute, speak about the optimal ways for companies to position themselves and implement their strategic planning.

The Metaaldagen are fully geared to helping you improve your specific business processes with advice, knowledge and products that provide new and valuable insights. Both the content and the way the Metaaldagen are organized, have this very goal. De Brabantse Metaaldagen is not your standard trade show, but is a unique combination of a fair and a congress. There are three concrete ways how you can enrich and deepen your knowledge: visiting a wide range of exhibitors, a seminar section with presentations by speakers of interest and a conference with high-profile keynote speakers.

It is nearly impossible not to be inspired by visiting De Brabantse Metaaldagen. There will be smart, innovative solutions and insights coming at you from all angles, so you can learn how to improve your processes and take your business to the next level. It is an indispensable event for every professional in the metal and manufacturing industry.

See you soon at De Brabantse Metaaldagen

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